Don't just come to play, come to win!


Play, compete, and spectate in an awesome video game tournament to promote Autism Awareness! Games and consoles include Super Smash Bros. on the WiiU, Injustice on PS3, Street Fighter V on PS4 as well as many, many more! Stay tuned for updates on upcoming special guest!


PKG @ Northland Rink
April 29, 2017

530 Dog Track Road
Longwood, FL 32750

#AutismAwareness #LIUB
Spectators FREE (includes access to casual play)
Competitors for Super Smash Bros $10 entry sign up here
Casual games: TBD

Tournament Schedule

08:30am Registration for all tournaments Rink Foyer
09:00am Doors Open Casual play is open in the Rink Auditorium
10:00am FIFA17 PS4 (1v1)
10:30am Super Smash Brothers for WiiU (1v1) 32 Cap Double Elimination
11:00am Storyville Coffee board game “Irk!” (2v2)

General Rules
1) Registration is required for all competitions. On-site or online at
2) Consent forms are required for all competitors. Players under 18 will need a parent present at the event and have a waiver signed when signing up for competition.
3) Players may enter multiple events.
4) You must be registered for your competition no later than 15 minutes before competition start time, but be aware that competitions many times reach their max capacity before this deadline.
5) Competition is greatly encouraged, but excessive taunting or threatening will not be tolerated.
6) Games started only with official PKG staff (Ref's) permission.
7) Players will not tamper, unplug, or touch any of PKG's equipment without permission.
8) No pausing of any game. No intentional glitching. No disrespecting fellow players/staff members.
9) Intentional cheating will result in expulsion from the tournament.
11) Outside controllers and headsets are NOT allowed at this event.
12) Suspected cheating or foul play must be immediately reported to PKG staff (Ref).
13) Accumulating 3 warnings will result in expulsion from tournament, and possibly the premises.
14) Prizes and competition details subject to change without notice.
15) PKG has final word in all disputes. All decisions made by PKG are final and not subject to appeal.

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Thank You Sponsors
A special thank you to Threadbird Printing for furnishing branded apparel worn by the Powder Keg team and t-shirts sold in the PKG merch store.


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